Which bricks should I buy?

We’ve been trying very hard to entice you to try using some LEGO® bricks in the office because from our experience we know they enrich the conversations teams have. So if you want to try, which LEGO set should you buy for the office?

To get you started, I would suggest a box from the LEGO Classic range. Any of these boxes will have a good range of colours and will suffice for the activities we regularly publish here. We hope that when you see the possibilities this brings you might like to explore what else is possible.

The LEGO® Serious Play® method will allow you to expand your use of LEGO bricks to engage your team and surface great ideas. To practice this, you will want to expand on your initial collection. You can download a one pager with out suggestions for selecting bricks below.

And by the way, LEGO bricks last a long time. Don’t be afraid to dust off the box of LEGO bricks from your kids, wash them in some luke warm soapy water, and then try your hand at some LEGO activities in the office.

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