Who is Convivial Ideas?

Convivial Ideas was founded in January 2021 by Frank Buechele. With more than 15 years experience in leadership roles, and having spent over a decade in team building and transformation, Frank is passionate about laying the foundations for successful teams.

Team success relies, more than anything else, on team members being aligned and working effectively with each other and with their stakeholders and customers. To achieve this we must recognise and celebrate diversity of the team and ensure that communication is effective. Technology can be an important amplifier of team performance.

About Frank Buechele

Frank is motivated by a curiosity about the positive and negative impacts of technology on us and our world. As a systems thinker, formally trained in engineering, teaching and computing, he has spent much of his career working in universities and educational institutions, as well as startups, in technology related roles.

Since 2012, Frank has been building and transforming teams, enabling them to become more effective and customer-focused. Although he has adopted a range of agile approaches, it was his study of Permaculture that initially led him to develop ways of working with teams that maximise every team member’s contribution. Frank has experimented with a range of approaches and media to create multidimensional workshops that are immersive, inclusive and engage a range of learning styles. He is a trained facilitator of the LEGO® Serious Play® method.

Prior to starting Convivial Ideas, Frank led the Digital Student and Teaching Services Stream at Flinders University. In this role he enabled a student-centric approach to technology delivery in partnership with key university stakeholders by using an agile approach. Previously he has worked at University of Adelaide in a similar Learning & Teaching related technical leadership role to transform the university’s online learning platform. He worked at RMIT University in Melbourne for 15 years in a range of technical and leadership roles.

Before joining universities Frank worked in several technology and education related start up businesses, building an intuition for developing flexible, reusable and adaptable solutions.

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