Convivial Ideas is a boutique consultancy helping universities adapt to the future through coaching, resource augmentation, and strategy.

Change is constant

Universities have experienced significant disruption through COVID, and responded by rapidly adopting new technologies, modern ways-of-working, and remote learning.

Students have new expectations around how learning is delivered which has opened up new conversations around pedagogy and learning design.

At the same time, universities are struggling to retain and attract employees due to a tight labour market, and this is slowing down innovation at a time when it is critical to innovate.

What we offer

Convivial Ideas works with universities around Australia helping to create cultures that are resilient, flexible, and innovative. We do this through resource augmentation, executive & team coaching, and running unique workshops. We operate as a trusted partner, helping universities move faster and drive the change that is needed for the challenges of tomorrow.

Resource Augmentation

We can help you to fill resource gaps to ensure that important initiatives don’t fall behind or head in the wrong direction. We can also help to upskill teams to improve performance and reduce dependencies over time.


Universities need more than a change management strategy to guide employees through recurrent disruptive changes. Convivial Ideas helps universities to create a coaching culture, where individuals and teams are guided through continual change, and build resilience along the way.


Workshops are often formulaic and perfunctory. Our workshops are different. We engage participants through a range of unique and novel techniques, and we work with organisations to ensure outcomes are delivered.

What makes us different?

We have broad experience across the university sector and understand the unique culture and challenges that universities face. Working with universities right across Australia, we see the same recurring problems, and have seen what works and what the hidden traps are.

All of our services are bespoke and we base our solutions on where your organisation is currently at, and we recognise that change is iterative and ongoing, and to create a culture of continuous improvement, a range of approaches are required. Our team works with you to ensure that the right skills are deployed at the right time.

Our Information Services Portfolio found the LEGO Serious Play method, facilitated by Frank, a fantastic way of engaging the team and opening up conversations in a safe, innovative and fun way. The method is particularly valuable for those of us who are more introverted, as it allows the expression of feelings by reflecting upon a tangible and tactile LEGO model. The method also scales effectively, as we experienced firsthand when Frank facilitated a LEGO Serious Play workshop at a couple of conferences for Information Technology and Information Management professionals.

Karin Swiatnik, IT Manager, City of Charles Sturt

Who we work with

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