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We help you solve problems FAST.

Problem to Prototype Workshops

Using a unique combination of Design Thinking, LEGO® Serious Play® and Generative Design.


Process design is never child’s play but we literally make it a game – we surface and synthesise ideas and build a game board you can refine. The hands on outcome also works as a change tool.


Traditionally developing a new app required time, money and effort. We leverage no code and low code development solutions in combination with our unique workshops to get you there faster.


The latest Internet of Things (IoT) tools allow us to build rapid solutions to real world challenges. We combine accessible IoT devices with our workshops to develop integrated sensors, actuators and robotics.

LEGO® Serious Play® Workshops

Our aim is to get a box of LEGO bricks in every stationary cupboard and every home office. But WHY?

Building tactile models helps to improve communication. A team workshop based on LEGO Serious Play will ensure that everyone can contribute and see their idea evolve as part of the session. Try a 2 or 4 hour LEGO Serious Play workshop for your next team building or planning session.

Become a practitioner of the LEGO Serious Play method.

The Communication Catalyst

Give your whole organisation the benefits of tactile model building with this course that will enable you to build the LEGO Serious Play method into your meetings and workshops. Packed with practical advice and providing you all the materials to get started. Run this workshop at your office or look out for an upcoming pubic course.

Find out more about the Communication Catalyst.

Who do we work with?

What have they said?

Our Information Services Portfolio found the LEGO Serious Play method, facilitated by Frank, a fantastic way of engaging the team and opening up conversations in a safe, innovative and fun way. The method is particularly valuable for those of us who are more introverted, as it allows the expression of feelings by reflecting upon a tangible and tactile LEGO model. The method also scales effectively, as we experienced firsthand when Frank facilitated a LEGO Serious Play workshop at a couple of conferences for Information Technology and Information Management professionals. 

Karin Swiatnik, IT Manager, City of Charles Sturt

Even with a group of strangers you seem to be able start quickly, with few instructions and yet share meaningful discussion. I particularly like the “build a tower with you in it” as a mechanism for introducing people around the table, but this then led to deeper discussion which was further developed throughout the activities

James Etheridge, Project Manager, Eldercare

“The opportunities with Serious Lego play must be endless.”

Emma Leonard, Proprietor of AgriKnowHow (via LinkedIn)

“…even in ‘sample size’ lunch session it was already clear the sort of insights that could come from these sessions..”

Fragile to Agile (via LinkedIn)

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