convivial /kənˈvɪvɪəl/

(adjective) – [of an atmosphere or event] friendly, lively, and enjoyable

We bring together groups of people to solve challenges by looking at a range of perspectives, then stepping back to synthesise what was discovered into a collective solution that captures all the ideas and that we own as one aligned team.

Does your team need to reset after COVID?

Book in a Team Connect session, that’s fun and energetic and that leads to serious outcomes for your team looking to the future. Available as a 2 hour or half day session.

Do you wish someone could run engaging meetings for you?

We offer the Cadence program, a regular one hour booked weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Whether it is a team meeting, agile retrospective or leadership discussion, we have you covered.

Do you feel that your team could be better engaged at work?

Give them Permission to Play – this workshop introduces the team to the LEGO® Serious Play® method – everyone builds and everyone tells a story. It really is serious play.

How prepared are you in your Cybersecurity?

Cyber-security: Human Dimension – a workshop that engages your people around cyber-security, because good communication is critical to good security.

Need something else for your team?

We specialise in creating workshops that help you solve complex challenges by exploring the rich metaphors and stories generated through the interaction of your team and the use of appropriate technologies. These workshops are highly engaging and can be applied to business problemstechnical challenges and beyond. Our workshops can range from two hours to two days depending on topic and complexity.

Build a model, tell a story, commit to a well aligned action plan.

What we do

Workshops and Events

Our workshops are designed to engage everyone and be serious fun in a way that is memorable. We specialise in using the LEGO® Serious Play® method.

Consulting and Advice

In working with your organisation we take a servant leadership approach to truly understand the ‘why’ and ‘what’ and help you to get there.

Team Support

If you have a team that needs a little extra support – newly formed, without a leader, or a new leader – we would love to support that growth.

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