Engaging and memorable workshops tailored to meet your needs.

What is a LEGO Serious Play Workshop?

A 1 hour workshop designed to get your team started with LEGO Serious Play.

Spend 2 hours focused on brainstorming and integrating ideas around a single question.

A half day creative workshop based on lean and agile principles, designed for startups.

A half or full day session for larger groups to integrate lots of information.

A full day session for leadership teams to develop a strategy or workplan.

A one or two day session going into depth on an issue your organisation wants to address and resulting in an action plan.

Permission to Play

This session introduces the LEGO® Serious Play® method as a way to enrich strategic and creative discussions to surface all of the ideas in your team. LEGO bricks are used as a tool, like 3 dimensional sticky notes, to allow all participants to ‘think with their hands’. The result is a surprisingly rich multi-dimensional discussion that you would not expect from the little bright coloured bricks. This is serious play.

Each participant builds a model and tells an associated story.

At the end of this session participants will have built the skills to use LEGO bricks to enrich their own workshop sessions and will have experienced how building models can ensure that all team members have been able to contribute to the conversation. They will be able to apply these skills in their workplace using any LEGO sets.

This session is also suitable as a workshop in a conference setting.

Question Lab

This facilitated session allows a group of people to engage with and answer a particular question in depth. In this 2 hour workshop, participants will create 3 dimensional models using LEGO elements to share their ideas and will gradually work towards integrating their models into a consistent story. This type of ideation session is perfect for teams who want to explore one specific question in a rich but focused workshop, or for teams who have done the ‘Permission to Play’ workshop and want to explore further.

A team integrates their individual contributions into a shared model.

Spark Forge

Intended for lean and agile environments and with a particular focus on entrepreneurs or startup organisations, this workshop combines LEGO Serious Play techniques with fast iterative development cycles to quickly test and evolve the spark of an idea into a design. Inspired by the Heart of Agile, this workshop is ideal for design thinking or other generative and co-design activities – bring your customer along and share metaphors and stories that will help you stay aligned well beyond the workshop.

Ideas evolve as team members let their hands do the thinking

Exploration Studio

Intended specifically for larger groups, this workshop is designed to explore a topic and uncover the wisdom of the crowd. Ideal for an educational setting this workshop can be effective at the beginning of a new topic to uncover what the group already knows or at the end to review what has been learned. It is a fun and immersive session designed specifically to help make important topics of learning more memorable.

Strategy Session

Developing a strategy or plan can be dry and difficult work. The LEGO Group developed LEGO Serious Play specifically to address this. Give your team the opportunity to look at strategic planning in a different way. This workshop will engage the whole team, capture input from all participants and create a vibrant image of your strategy that no document or slide show can provide. However, while this workshop may seem like all fun and games, it will produce the professional result you expect.

Think Tank

This workshop is intended for an organisation that wishes to have a focussed one or two day workshop to create ideas and an action plan for future activity. The session is fully custom designed to meet your brief with an opportunity to review and adjust the runsheet. The day will be facilitated using LEGO Serious Play method and other relevant techniques and will produce a series of metaphors and stories as well as assigned actions and any other specified outputs. These will be presented in a dynamic board. Follow up interviews can be scheduled at 2, 4 and 8 weeks after the workshop with a closing report.

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