Genuine care for the people and teams we work with.

Workshops and Events

Convivial Ideas specialises in creating immersive experiences to engage your team. Our workshops are designed to engage everyone and be serious fun in a way that is memorable. We specialise in using the LEGO® Serious Play® method but also provide other custom workshops. Talk to us if you want to create strong engagement and clarity around goals for your team.

Consulting and Advice

We bring over a decade of experience in lean thinking and agile transformation with a focus on service excellence and building strong business partnerships. We would love to work with your team to give you an edge. In working with your organisation we take a servant leadership approach to truly understand the ‘why’ and ‘what’ and help you to get there. Our strengths are particularly in the following areas:

  • Team readiness for lean and agile transformation
  • IT Operations Management
  • Building strong customer partnerships
  • Effective team building and goal setting

Team Support

If you have a team that needs a little extra support – a newly formed team, a team that has lost its leader or a new leader getting a footing – we would love to support that growth. Conscious of the fact that any changes in a team lead to a need to reform, we can provide guidance to improve how the team works together while continuing to deliver their important work. We specialise in the following services:

  • Temporary Team Manager
  • Assistant/Adviser to new Team Manager
  • Support/development of Leadership Teams
  • Team Establishment


We enjoy the opportunity to work one to one with you, as an external sounding board and in helping you develop your skills in leadership. Topics we are particularly keen to explore with clients are:

  • Career planning 
  • Developing Leadership capabilities
  • Strategies for working in teams and with individuals

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