Unlock the communication superpowers of your team through greater creativity, richer conversations and more engaging collaboration.

Each time we run a LEGO® Serious Play® workshop, participants tell us that they see so many more applications to helping them improve communication. The Communication Catalyst takes a practitioner approach to bring the power of the LEGO Serious Play method into your organisation.

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The Communication Catalyst improves how your team communicates every day.

Learn practical skills to improve the conversations your team is having through building and sharing physical models. Build up a kit bag of applications, methods and tools to implement this in your work environment.

This Course is inspired by the LEGO® Serious Play® method and uses LEGO bricks to create models and share ideas.

Anyone who can connect together LEGO bricks can participate* – no special skills are required. Participants will receive building materials to take back to their workplace, and the method can utilise any LEGO bricks, other construction toys or craft/stationary materials.

* Note: If you wish to participate and are unable to physically connect the LEGO bricks you are most welcome to bring along a trusted friend or colleague to be your hands (at no additional cost). All are welcome and we are happy to make adjustments to allow everyone to fully participate.

Course Outline

Session 1 – Practitioners of Serious Play (2.5 hours)

The practice of communicating with physical models has a long history and strong connection to human storytelling and knowledge sharing. In a modern context we can use LEGO bricks to recreate some of the benefits of these techniques.

Workshop Outline

  • An Introduction to LEGO Serious Play
  • Team Communication Principles
  • Asking Great Questions
  • The Stories We Tell – A Short History of Oral Traditions and their Power

Session 2 – Applying the Communication Catalyst (2.5 hours)

Just like a 3 dimensional sticky note, building and sharing physical models acts as a communication catalyst. This second session is focused on real and practical applications of this approach in the day to day business context.

Workshop Outline

  • Introducing the Communication Catalyst to your Team
  • Teams and Organisations
  • Customers and Stakeholders
  • Service and Product Design and Development
  • Goal Setting and Strategy

Session 3 – Tools and Techniques (2.5 hours)

In this final session the focus will be on rounding out your skills with tools and techniques that allow you to successfully practice and extend what you have learned.

Workshop Outline

  • The Essential Toolbox
  • Managing and Maintaining the Materials
  • Tips and Techniques
  • Mix it Up – Inspiration from other Methodologies
  • Further Research and Reading

What have others said?

“Shared stories quickly emerge from the builds, and those stories seem to be ‘sticky’ – I’ve heard people talking about them with clarity, but also with a smile on their face weeks after the session”

James Etheridge, Project Manager, Eldercare

“The method is particularly valuable for those of us who are more introverted, as it allows the expression of feelings by reflecting upon a tangible and tactile LEGO model.”

Karin Swiatnik, IT Manager, City of Charles Sturt

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